Upcoming conference calls on G1 Currency

Hi there!

I just wanted to open this topic to list the existing conference calls that are happening on on a regular basis and that don’t always show up on the Forum calendar:

  • Canada: English speaking meetings, every Wednesday at 8pm EST (Quebec Time) on Jitsi Meet
  • Europe English speaking Visio: Q&A on Libre Currency and local group news. Date is changing, next one is on Friday, Sept 9th at 7pm CEST (Central European Summer Time) aka 7pm Paris => 1pm NYC (EDT) on the Telegram G1 English group tchat.

Please note that this post might not be accurate in the coming months, so please feel free to modify it (it’s a wiki type of post). You can also ask the community here or join telegram channels to ask about the upcoming meetings: https://t.me/LibreCurrency

Here is the list of French visio calls : Liste des principales "chaînes" visios

Thank you!!


European English speaking Visio, will be either Thursdays or Fridays.
For now, it is always on Telegram : « https://t.me/LibreCurrency?videochat »
but we will move to a more generic platform (one that doesn’t require to open an account)

I will publish the dates on the forum calendar. :wink:

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Sounds good! Don’t forget to put the English tag on it so it can show up on the calendar of this English section of the Forum :wink:

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Quelle est la syntaxe ?
j’ai mis @english, @_English et d’autres variations
mais cela ne semble pas provoquer de liaison (tag)

Sorry, I meant subcategory not tag (see the pink and blue category on the left below)