About USA Category

This Forum Category’s purpose is to facilitate the development of Ğ1 Currency in the USA through local groups coordination, events, and users questions.

Read this topic to understand how to navigate on this forum’s category.

In this USA category, you will find:

  • Events organized by local groups: check this topic to find regular online or in-person events, or check the calendar. You can filter on categories Langue/English or Groupes Locaux/USA to see what are the English events coming up. You are welcome to organize an event in your local area or online and add it to the forum’s calendar (just create a post and add a date and location - it will automatically show up in the calendar).
  • Questions (for example on how get started, how to reach out to local groups, how to find users, events, etc.),
  • Ideas to develop Ğ1 Currency in the USA.

Please note that:

  • As Ğ1 English community will be growing, creation and moderation of a dedicated English Forum might be needed. Please let the community know if you would like to carry on this project.
  • Resources in English to learn more about Ğ1 currency can be found on the Ğ1 currency website or in this topic listing useful resources
  • Technical questions regarding Ğ1 Currency (on blockchain, technology, app bugs, etc.) should be asked on the technical Forum (Duniter).