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Will there be instructions on how to use gmix in English?

may this tool help you :

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I used deepl at first, but the instructions seemed ambiguous or incomplete. Hence why I asked. I get that:

  1. I send funds to Gmix from my source account.
  2. I send a message to Gmix, telling it to send to a destination account.
  3. Wait as there is a processing delay.

I’m sure it’s a program. So what format should the message be, so it understands which address to forward the funds to?

GMix is not a program, but a service run by @vincentux, hence I think there is no need to precisely format the message… (though you may have to wait because for good anonymity, transactions from several people have to be mixed together at the same time)

ĞMixer is a program that does the same thing automatically, decentralizedly and securely, but… it isn’t working yet. All the docs are available in English.

GMix is a service, not a machine. ĞMixer is a machine, not a service. Both enable ğmixing!

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