Make a fundraiser for your free software or free culture project

gchange’s crowdfunding page is currently filled with unproductive campaigns asking for an exorbitant amount of G1. They are unlikely to ever complete and will persist on the page indefinitely.

I believe the problem this presents is that it overshadows productive ways to obtain G1 without certification or local trade. It also makes the G1 economy (as young as it is) a bit harder to take seriously.

If you have a free software or free culture project, don’t just paste your address on your repository or website. The right people may not find it at all. Make a fundraiser asking for an amount relative to the time and effort you spent on your project.

Example: a month of development on your spare time

Given 1/3 of your day (8 hours out of 24) is spent sleeping, and another 1/3 of your day is spent on real life obligations such as work or school.

1 DU * 30 days * 1/3 days = 10 DU

If you do this you:

  • give better exposure to your project (vs other users just happening to come across it on the www)
  • encourage other free projects to list themselves on gchange
  • make unproductive begging seem more out of place
  • help populate the #freesoftware #freeculture #remote tags on gcahnge

Things that don’t matter as much as you think:

  • how small your project is as there are fundraisers asking for 1 G1
  • how many months ago you finished your project as you are offering more by having a finished project instead of just a pitch

If you made a regular advertisement for your project before, list it anyway too because you could put a better foot forward.

3 « J'aime »

The formula depends on your theory of value (how you determine an economic value).

Just wanted to specify that this formula is only an example, and that you are free to measure work with a logarithmic scale or whatever, and that the rate « 1 hour of work = 1 hour of UD » is completely arbitrary. (there are at least one old thread about the last one)

Edit: As being remunerated by the « official » Duniter fundraising account, I won’t make any other fundraisers for my work on Duniter-related projects. But for other projects, why not…

Yeah, it’s only an example. It was partly influenced by the nature of a fundraiser. There is a target before fundraising is considered complete, and there is nothing to stop others from donating past that target.