Creating (or improving existing) Libre Currency website(s)?

Hey there!

I have been discussing with some folks in the US about the idea of having a well marketed website on the Libre Currency. That is an important criteria for the english speaking community, having a good marketing set up is key to get people interested, at least in the US.

We are wondering who is behind the two domain names
and ? Would it be possible to get transfered the domain name and work to improve the design of the website on wordpress ?
Who is up to work together to improve one of these websites ?

Thank you!

I did a whois on both of those domains. 's registrant is in France, and the appears to be in Switzerland.

If you can’t get in contact with either registrant, you probably want a domain themed specifically for the US not just the English language.

Just as a note, the American left is receptive to the concept of a UBI currency while the right wing is concerned with inflation. However, with the way things are, the American public generally is expecting inflation and already pissed at the federal government. So I think it’s entirely possible for G1 and libre currency to appeal to the American right wing if you introduce it properly. (They, for example, certainly don’t want the government to implement it.)

1 « J'aime » is a domain owned by @attilax

I worked with @somebody for a while on . Today theres a weird DNS TXT entry text = "4|"

I don’t remember who is the owner of (OVH Expires on 2022-03-01).
Boris is the owner of the domain name (Infomaniak Expires on 2022-04-09)

Do you have someone who can make a website with a CMS like Grav?

@poka, can you fix a VM for the one pointed by
EDIT : the domain does not need to be renewed, but we need the owner to change the AAAA record to the IP of the VM

Regarding the interpretation of UBI by different cultures, try to contact @Martino . He had a nice analysis of the different attempts at CryptoUBI . And he had a good friendship with Julio from Circles .

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The VM is ok, it’s the domain which has to be renew.

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Thank you for detailed your reply! :slight_smile:

I am not sure to understand everything that you wrote, though.
So, my understanding is that and are not working.
Only has content in it.

I understand that is being created and updated on Grav ?
Is Grav very diffrent from Wordpress ? I can make simple website with CMS like Wordpress. I don’t know Grav but if it is not too technical, I can learn how to use it.

Ok, I had a looked at Grav, and I don’t understand anything… :confused:
Is there somebody who could help us to see what could be the best option and how to procede ?

Don’t feel blocked by the technical choices that have been made in the past.
If you want to redesign a website use the tools you know. Charge the domain name owners to point the domain names to the hosting you will have chosen.

If you need hosting (and you know what it means and how to manage it) let us know.

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Grav is a tool to make « static » webpages. Wordpress is used for dynamic webpages (where users can log in, access some sections that, for example, not logged users can not access, etc.).

The main advantage of Grav (static web pages) is that it’s easy to have it in a code repository, like Gitlab/Github) and everybody can improve the website. That’s the way how Duniter wiki has been done, and that’s the reason you have a bottom right button to « Fix this page »: Wiki - Duniter

Another advantage about static web pages is the low maintenance costs, because they don’t need any database nor programming engine like Apache/Nginx, etc. Server requirements are lower too…

But I think a simple alternative to grab is Jekyll:

In the other hand, static pages are harder to edit/collaborate for non-tech users. The opposite than Drupal/Wordpress dynamic sites.

Ps.: By the way, I could, if required, build a website using Jekyll (static) or Drupal (dynamic) and host it. I’m not talking about the « idea », contents, structure, just the « technical » stuff to let content managers, editors, etc. have a web to put the info there :wink: We can maintain the website just using donations, in an « open collective » way. That’s what we are doing at

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Ok, Thank you for your help!

I am bulding the content ant laying it out on a website as it is easier for me to work on the layout and content, and then we can use it as a base for building it and hosting it on an other plateforme like grav, drupal, jekyllrb or other…

I found another one with a small presentation in English. Do you know who is running it ? Monnaie Libre