Who is the Translator and Editor for TRM / RTM (English Version)?

I’ve read through more of the book. It is understandable, though I’ve caught a few errors and odd phrasing (which is what I’m wondering about).

Mostly by French natives:

Could this sentence be checked over?

(1) Barter being insufficient to allow exchanges
(2), and the first currencies based on potentially and strongly inflationary productions because easy produced by anybody,
(3) it became necessary to use a money value more stable.


« more stable » seems to modify « a money value », but why is it placed after the object?


It became necessary to run a mile fast(er).
(It became necessary to run faster.)

I am also wondering about the use of commas in (2). The reader will read (1) and understand it as an dependent clause but will find « , and » which concatenates two independent clauses. The comma between (2) and (3) seems to mark the conclusion of the introductory phrase.

Should check over « because easy produced by anyone ». « easily produced by anybody » would be one fix, but properly connecting to the rest of the sentence is another matter.

@testmine, @vit is the maintainer of the gitlab.com repository.

As @moul wrote, this english translation is done by native french speaker. Your review as a native english speaker is very valuable.

I suggest, if you know how to, that you merge a request on the gitlab.

Either, ask @vit how he would like you to cooperate/work on this.

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