Where are the Canadians on Gchange?

I’ve been using gchange for digital goods (video games), so I haven’t paid attention to location until now. I understand the active market is in Europe, but I haven’t been able to find any Canadians. Not that I am Canadian, but it’s the closest large place with a lot of French speakers.

I’m also wondering if City, Country could be separate fields. So if someone isn’t comfortable with publicly revealing their city, they could still indicate country.

I should be able to add a Canadian map, on the home page.
It could be easier for me if you give me a geojson file, with all canadian’s states.

It’s mainly a question for the Canadian users of G1. The search bar on gchange asks City, Country, so I either can’t simply look for a country without a city or there are just no Canadian users,

Here, this repository uses UNLICENSE:

It has a preset for Canadian provinces (and US states).