(USA) Denver, Colorado - G1-Meet-Up + G1-Market

:beginner: G1-CURRENCY MEET-UP + G1-MARKET :beginner:

:round_pushpin: on Nov 26th at 5pm at PARLOR Denver (lots of easy neighborhood street parking available)!

:confetti_ball: Important note: we just started a G1 crowfunding and collected already over 5000 G1s from European community and we will be making G1 donations to people who bring food to share or goods and services to exchange to the G1-Market!

:point_right: RSVP libre-currency@protonmail.com or in the TG group Telegram: Join Group Chat ; we will send you the exact address when you RSVP


:small_blue_diamond: We will start with a presentation of G1 Currency to newcomers + special guests from France :green_heart: will share about their G1 journey!! We are thrilled to announce that Myriam and Jerome, two active G1 currency members​:muscle:, are travelling from France to the US for a vacation trip​:airplane:, and they changed their route to come meet our G1 community in Colorado and help expand this amazing currency to the US :tada:(which is such a big deal as we need many human connections to expand G1 Web of Trust)! You can also attend the presentation online (we will send you the link when you RSVP)

:small_blue_diamond: We will have a G1-market :shopping:which is a small set-up where you can offer and receive some goods or services in exchange for G1s! To make it a quality market, we will make initial donations (4UDG1) :money_with_wings:to those of you who set up a booth with goods (and/or flyers presenting services in G1). So think of something you produce or something of value that you would like to exchange in G1 and bring it :star2:

:small_blue_diamond: Potluck :moon_cake: everyone is invited to bring some food to share; those of you who bring something homemade :cookie: or from a local farm will receive a donation (4UDG1)

The event is hosted by the Aviary PMA which welcomes donations for the space (G1 or USD).

:point_right: Create your G1 wallet before the event: Libre Currency : Get Started or bring your computer to do it together on the 26th

:point_right: If you already have a wallet make sure you have the Cesium.app on your phone :iphone: Download and install - Cesium Ğ1

:person_shrugging: If you wonder what is G1 currency go to g1currency.org ; or give us a call if you know some of us ; or join the US G1 Telegram group and ask questions Telegram: Join Group Chat

:pray::pray::pray: We hope to see some of you there! Please share and come with friends!

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