Help Confirm Messaging Bug on gchange

Two users are required (sender, recipient).

As the sender:

  1. Go to the recipient’s gchange profile

  2. Click the button to write a message.

  3. Send a test message (example: Subject A)

  4. Go to one of the recipient’s ad listings

  5. Click the button to write a message about an ad.

  6. Send a test message (example: Subject B, About your ad « _____ »)

As the recipient, which message if not both has been received? (Subject A or Subject B)?

There is a bug that makes the ad’s author link pointing to their G1 pubkey, not to their Gchange pubkey. If this account does not exist on Gchange (when the Cesium and Gchange credentials are different), the message is sent but the recipient will never notice it.

Is this the problem you are refering to?

That sounds like it.