Hello from an American visitor in Paris



Hello! I’m a UBI advocate from NYC and I am interested to learn more about Duniter. I happen to be in Paris for a couple days. Perhaps someone has time to meet with me Thursday or Friday, before I leave? It would be wonderful to meet folks from this community! :slight_smile:


Hi! I don’t know yet if I am available, I will send you a private message when I know :wink:


Maybe there is someone available among all the participants at next Tuesday’s meeting ? @gerard94 @Attilax @caelor @nox @ClemCoucou @Paypay77 @ChristianDurand @Paulart @Amaturio ?


Perhaps I could be. But I cannot “teach” anything about Duniter… I’m learn it too! And I also don’t speak fluent enought… but it’s another problem!


We can have a drink tomorrow afternoon near Jussieu if you want :slight_smile:


I can too.


It was nice to meet you !