Are there Junists who use Matrix?

I see Telegram and Discord advertised, so I’m wondering if there are users on free platforms.


One of them is 404. Another seems to be repurposed. The only one that works is the Duniter channel.

Failed to join
MatrixError: [404] Answer from [404 / M_NOT_FOUND] Not an active room on this server

The best may be to create one yourself and make a message about it on the board and to english speakers you know: « advertise it » so to say. Should there be a prevalent channel currently in use, you’d know soon enough as a response, else you’d have brought about yourself exactly what you are looking for.

Then I want to test this home server to see if there are any errors joining for other people.

(This is the Juneland matrix room hosted on @tuxmain 's server.)

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I don’t have any trouble to join this room.
My account is on