Webrings, Galleries, Blogs (Online Exposure)

Earlier, I shot this idea to @attilax in Minetest, but I’ll try the forums too.

Since Bitcoin became an investment (for obvious reasons), it has left a hole in online tipping for people who don’t agree to the terms of services of financial institutions. Nowadays, services built around Paypal (e.g kofi, patreon, etc) dominate online tipping.

So what I suggest is the community to accept tips for their online content such as photography, artwork, writing, blog, programs, videos, and so on. It doesn’t have to be Ğ1-related. In fact, it may bring more outside exposure to Ğ1 if it wasn’t. At the current moment, someone would have to be interested in finance and economics to come across Ğ1. But someone could stumble upon Ğ1 if they found a blog relevant to their interests.

Here is an example:


(Neocities is a hybrid web host and social media site. This is an English blog.)

If you don’t want to click it: when this website updated on October 1st, it received 800 visits (grey) and a lesser amount of unique visits (blue). In my opinion, this is substantial exposure for something operating outside of a big tech platform.

If you made a blog, galttery, repository, or so on, link it here and link to (or follow) each other.

Great idea.
I think everyone here accepts tips in G1 :slight_smile:

I always thaught G1 would be a great money for tipping free software developers… Just link your cesium account to your git or site or anything, and it’s ready to go…

The first « Donate G1 » link I saw without searching something related to G1: boot-repair / Home / Home

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The idea is to also link to other people who accept tips. (Not enough to simply link G1 on your project page).

Here is what a webring is:

This is considered antiquated or from early 90s-00s internet. But neocities does it and tends to have more exposure than modern social media. The modern equivalent is follows/subscribes.

Part of the idea is that webringing gives the presentation of an economy outside of gchange where other people (not necessarily interested in economic theory or alternate finance) can find it.

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