Présentation Circles UBI lors du passage des Berlinois à Toulouse

Lors du passages de Berlinois en visite de la June à Toulouse, @karenina et ses amis proposent de faire une présentation le [date=2019-03-31 time=15:00:00 timezone=« Europe/Paris »] dans la salle de l’Archipel au
23 rue Arnaud BERNARD 31000 TOULOUSE

Elle sera en anglais.

Voici un petit texte de présentation:

What is Circles?

_Circles is an electronic cryptocurrency invented to create and distribute a globally accessible Universal Basic Income. _

How does using Circles work?

_After registration, every account within the system continuously receives new, personal currency.The money becomes valuable only if the account owner connects to other accounts, agreeing to trust and accept their personal currencies. In that way, users create trade pathways by adding those they know in real life to their virtual network. These user-to-user trust relationships create ‘Circles’, not only between friends, but also friends of friends (and, in the final version, businesses and groups), fostering organic and local economies based on universal basic income. _

Where does the idea behind Circles come from?

Our current economic system and its inherent values have fatal consequences: growing social inequality and the continuous exploitation of resources in favour of growth, resulting in environmental destruction. We propose to rethink the foundations of this system, and to explore an alternative take on money: Circles would not be based on debt, but on credit. It is distributed not by a bank or a government, but in a decentralised and equal way at the hand of its users, facilitated by the use of new technologies such as cryptocurrencies and blockchain. The idea behind Circles comes from the wish to challenge the current discourse on money and economics as well as to propose a hands-on system how to make these ideas work.

How can Circles have value?

One of the main ideas behind Circles is that money is nothing more than a social agreement. Circles - like any other currency - have value if people decide to use and accept them. In other words, Circles needs a community and a network, be it large or small, in which trading, offering, selling, can take place.

What does it mean to trust someone’s currency?

If you trust someone’s currency, you accept it for your own, meaning that it will be treated as identical to any other Circles currency you hold. So anyone with this trusted currency can automatically trade it for one of your Circles currencies at a 1:1 exchange rate.

Le lieu et la date reste à confirmer.