Outreach and Tipping

As bitcoin gains value and popularity, more people accept it as a tip. However, they did so as it is increasingly unlikely to receive a tip in bitcoin or any other mainstream cryptocurrency. It used to be easy, but it isn’t anymore. Obviously, the people with bitcoin nowadays buy bitcoin to attain profit, and donating is counterproductive to that goal.

So I believe mainstream cryptocurrency has effectively abandoned a niche that G1 can adopt. Additionally, there is an opportunity to pay creators for skilled or useful works that do not conventionally have a market value (e.g copylefted works such as free software, culture, and designs).

What is the community’s opinion on engaging tipping communities (beyond an individual basis)?

For example:
Thingiverse (3d printed designs)
Neocities (90s styled blogs & web pages)

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The first time (and the only one) I’ve seen a Ğ1 tip button out of the Ğ1 sphere is on the boot-repair project page. (a very useful tool!)