Gchange Feature Suggestion - Tagging

On general ad listing sites or stores (including Amazon), I’ve found it strange and antiquated that long names are necessary to convey information about a product. For example, the wattage of a power supply unit, the condition of an item, material of plastic, or the platform a video game.

What if gchange had a tagging feature to help discovery of a certain listing? (Like what the forums have.) Some modern sites also have tag wrangling which merges similar tags for cases such as [word], [plural form of same word], or multiple languages (#anglais #english).

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Hello scuti,

This post was made before the language category were created. Do you wish to move out there? (Hence it is tagged with English)

Second thought :

Do you know how to open a ticket at the github that host Cesium?

It is the best place for the dev to know about it and deal the subject.

I don’t have a github account nor do I intend on opening one. i think this thread may have a better place in Outils.

I agree with you and move the thread.

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