Creating an English version ot the Forum?


I am living in the US and it’s a bit difficult to get English speaking people to join the Forum as most of the topics are in French.

@poka Does an English Version of the Forum exist already ? If not, would it be possible to create one as it has been done for Spain ? I am not a technical person so I don’t really know what it takes to do it…
If it is too complex, would it be possible to have a dedicated English section / category (like the Category « Accueil et premier pas ») which we could divide in sub-sections (First steps / Web of trust / Communication / Local Communities…) ?

Thank you in advance for your help.

Hi @MissSoph ,

There is already an English category in this forum:


If an English-speaking community wishes to set up their own forum, I can help them to do so, but you need at least a group of people ready to organize the content of this forum and bring it to life.

You just need a server with at least 8GB of ram and the ability to install Docker.

Ok, thank you for your answer. I will discuss the possibility with the tech people I know in the US that could be interested and skilled to do that.
For now we will stick to the simple English category until we have a solid group of motivated people in the US.
Thank you!

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