Bottom Up Money

On y mentionne la TRM et la Ğ1, donc je partage ça là :

Finally, readers should note that the special case of setting a rate of demurrage equal to the rateof money creation could act like a redistributive wealth tax (inasmuch as wealth resides incurrency and not in assets). As “old” money slowly expires from the economy, it could be rebornin an egalitarian way into the wallets of every living person. We can imagine a system in which (46) all suppliers agree to set a minimum universal rate of demurrage in their currencies, in the hopesof creating a society resistant to the compounding inequalities of untaxed, multi-generationalinherited wealth

46 : This is the philosophy of the ​Relative Theory of Money​ (Laborde 2012), which inspired the active crypto UBIproject ​Monnaie Libre G1​. For an abbreviated explainer see ​The Relative Theory of Money in Detail​ (Bultot 2016).

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